Export & Wholesale

Export & Wholesale

At WAM Pennings, every customer is valuable to us, we deliver our flower bulbs all over the world and we want to give everyone the opportunity to work and trade with this great product. For this reason, we also offer you the opportunity to buy other bulbs in addition to the bulbs that we grow ourselves.

In addition to tulips, cannas and oxalis, we can also offer you all kinds of other crops such as hyacinths, daffodils, muscaris, dahlias, gladioli, lilies and a wide range of perennials. Our company has fully focused on the cultivation of flower bulbs at its current location and we offer the following options at two other locations:

Export: Through our sister company P. Hopman B.V. we can offer you flower bulbs for parks, cities and for the professional cultivation of cut flowers and pots. Here we have the right facilities to store flower bulbs and the knowledge and skills to send them all over the world. Flower bulbs are delivered here to North-America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Central America.

Preparation / Treatments: Through our other sister company De Ruyter & Son B.V. we offer the possibility to prepare your bulbs for the professional cultivation of cut flowers and pots. Here you can also rent cell space to store your products yourself. Just like P. Hopman B.V., De Ruyter & Son B.V. supplies its flower bulbs all over the world and is particularly specialized in preparation.

Ruyter & Son B.V.

Herenweg 346

2211VG Noordwijkerhout                                         


P. Hopman B.V.

Delfweg 37

2211VK Noordwijkerhout