Who is WAM

Who is WAM

WAM Pennings is a large bulb grower with a wide and extended assortment. Our company grows tulips, cannas and oxalis on around 200 hectares of production fields.

WAM Pennings has about 30 permanent employees yearround and in our peakseasons around 80 to 100 season workers join our team to help with the processing of the flower bulbs. On our fields we grow tulips, cannas and oxalis of which 75% is tulips, 20% cannas and 5% oxalis.

Some key-points of the company are:

  • Sharp pricing
  • Quick delivery
  • Good quality
  • Large and extended assortment
  • Sustainable business

WAM Pennings has been active in the flower bulb sector for more than 60 years and during this time the company has experienced many developments. Some important past events are:

  • 1951: Founding of the company by Wim Pennings
  • 1972: WAM Pennings is active in breeding and the first variety is registered in 1972: ''Fancy Frills''
  • 1979: Son Simon joins the company
  • 1990: WAM Pennings is one of the first companies to start machine peeling
  • 1999: A major fire in the summer destroys almost all company buildings and planting material, the company has to start again.
  • 2016: In honor of the birthday of the supermarkets Dirk, a tulip is baptized
  • 2019: Start of Tulip Experience Amsterdam - aim is to receive tourists for education and fun
  • 2020: Third generation Allan enters the company



WAM Pennings is every day active with its environment, we are very much depending on what the planet is offering us. By being in contact with researchers, government, NGO's and our stakeholders around the company we strive to be as sustainable as possible.

To help us in this process we use certifications systems to improve our way of working and to proof our customers that we are a sustainable company. Therefor WAM Pennings started in 2015 with PlanetProof as one of the first companies in the flower bulb sector. And since 2022 WAM Pennings is certificied GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP.

In 2022 we also installed on our roofing solarpanels which helps us to generate 50% of our own energy.

The cultivation process

On our nursery the whole proces from a small tulip till big tulip is taking place. In autumn, just before winter comes, our bulbs are planted on the fields and they will start growing into bigger bulbs till their harvest in summer.