The Darwin Hybrid tulip is the best-known group and a true classic. Dirk W. Lefeber is the developer of the Darwin Hybrid. The Darwin Hybrid tulip was created in the 1940s by crossing the Tulipa Gesneria with the wild Tulipa fosteriana and registered as 'Madame Lefeber'. Outside this crossing, the Darwin Hybrid was officially registered as a new variety. A tulip variety with a true sparkling red colour. The Darwin Hybrid tulips are single-flowered tulips with long-flowering, large flowers on sturdy stems. A great variety for borders in gardens and parks. Its length makes it ideal as a cut flower. The Darwin Hybrid continues to grow in the vase, sometimes up to 10 cm. These large square bowl-shaped flowers are the first thing you notice about these Darwin Hybrid tulips, as well as their bright vibrant colours.